Investing With Battle Born Capital

Experience counts…

Smart investors have one thing in common: Regardless of what market, company, asset or project we choose to invest our money and/or time in, we seek to maximize that return relative to the risk or effort involved.

First Trust Deed investing with Battle Born Capital is an excellent way to participate in the real estate market without the headaches of individual ownership.  By investing with  a hard money lender who specializes in vetting and funding the best available loans, investors can secure a high rate of return –usually double digit– while mitigating many of the risks of going it alone.  Unlike many “Hard Money Fund” investment companies, Battle Born provides exceptional transparency and flexibility to our investors, allowing the investor to choose which loans to participate in and at what level.  

Battle Born Capital specializes in hard money loans with 6-month to 24-month terms (12-months typical). Minimum investment is $10,000, with interest paid monthly to investors.  We have partnered with The Mortgage Office and DocuSign to streamline the logistics of the investment process.  We have created and integrated a secure online repository for each individual investor, providing 24×7 access to all loan documents, statements and investor history.

Typically investors receive:

-Interest rate: 10.5% to 12%

-Terms: Between 9 and 18 months

-Average LTV: 60%

-Collateralized by First Deeds of Trust in Nevada

-Monthly Interest Check/ACH each month

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