Great June for Battle Born Capital: Loan Funded and Loan Repaid!

Loan Funded
First Trust Deed:

Herbst Family Limited Partnership

First Deed of Trust on 3.1 acres of land with a 33,120 square foot casino building with gas station and country store located at 771 South Nevada Highway 160 (771 S Frontage Road), in Pahrump, Nevada.

Deal Features:

10% net to investors

56% LTV

12-month term, optional 6-month extension

Loan Repaid

First Trust Deed:

Craig and Riley 4, LLC

Battle Born Capital is proud to announce our borrower, Craig and Riley 4, LLC (19-1013), has repaid it’s loan! This loan was used to refinance an existing loan and construct two single-family homes on 2.5 gross acres located at the southwest corner of Craig and Riley Streets in Las Vegas, NV.

Deal Features:

10.5% net to investors

63% LTV

Loan repaid in 9-months

First Deed of Trust/Refinance-Construction