Battle Born Capital, LLC Closes a $1,000,000 Hanger in North Las Vegas, Nevada

  DEAL FEATURES: 29% Loan to Value based on current appraisal 12-month term with optional 6-month extension Experienced Repeat Borrower Built-In Interest Reserves Cash out to Borrower 10.5% return to investors This loan was collateralized by a first leasehold deed of trust on approximately 13,750 square feet of hangar space and approximately 1,154 square feet […]

Why Battle Born?

If you are a native Nevadan or someone who has lived in the state for awhile, you likely recognize “Battle Born” as our Nevada State Motto.  Indeed, Nevada was one of two states admitted to the Union during the Civil War.  (For you trivia buffs:  The other was West Virginia) People familiar with the changes in […]