Loans Repaid February 2022

The Reserve at Red Rock Canyon
Loan Repaid

The Reserve at Red Rock Canyon, formerly known as Bonnie Springs Ranch outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The project will consists of 20 residential lots and 1 commercial lot (21 lots total). The project is in a hillside location southeast of Red Rock Canyon Road and Bonnie Springs Road with spectacular views of Red Rock Canyon. The planned residential lots will vary in size from 1.84 acres to 3.39 acres with an 8.53-acre commercial lot. The commercial component will have a hotel and restaurant. The Reserve at Red Rock Canyon is expected to be one of the most private and exclusive developments in Southern Nevada.

Loan Amount: $25,000,000

12-Month Term

Annual Return to Investor: +16%

Kavison Homes, LLC
Loan Repaid

First Deed of Trust on 1.18 acres located between Alexander and Coralie in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The borrower constructed and sold 8 homes (six 2,159 square foot homes and two 1,468 square foot homes).

Loan Amount: $2,275,000

11% net to investors

6-month term